Bridgewater Village Bakery - Organic woodfired sourdough breads & pastries baked from scratch
Bridgewater Village Bakery is a traditional, old world village bakery that uses a long slow fermentation method which predigests grains while unlocking flavor and nutrition.   
Our breads are
----made with certified organic flour and sugar (when available)
----naturally leavened from our own starters
----without commercial yeast or preservatives
----100% from scratch from highest quality ingredients
----Baked fresh in our wood fired oven hours before we come to market
----Made in small batches starting at least three days prior to the market
----Using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible
----many of our breads are Vegan & Vegetarian friendly
----many of our repeat customers have gluten intolerance and/or glycemic sensitivity and/or         commercial yeast sensitivities
Bridgewater, MA 02324
Hours: Sold at Farmers markets only
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